1. Click the ‘Add Destination’ button.
  2. Choose Destination type. Google Cloud is the only destination available initially.
  3. Enter Name for the destination. Paste Application Credentials JSON key from google cloud. See https://docs.bindplane.bluemedora.com/docs/google-stackdriver for instructions on how to configure Google Cloud service account and get JSON key. Once you have the key continue through the steps as they differ a bit from steps included in the link above.
  4. Click the ‘Test Connection’ button. If the key is valid and the permissions are correct then you see a green box indicating success test. Click the ‘Create’ button.
  5. If it is unable to successfully pass the test with Google Cloud you will see a Red box that indicates the error received. Please ensure you have followed the steps here https://docs.bindplane.bluemedora.com/docs/google-stackdriver. Otherwise reach out to customer support through the chat widget in the bottom right corner.