BindPlane API & CLI - Automation Support

Automation is key in DevOps and SRE methodologies.

BindPlane has an API, a CLI tool, and a Terraform Provider to enable this functionality.


BindPlane CLI In-Action


Blog Post with Use-Cases

For use-cases and details on the, CLI, API, and Terraform support, see our Blog Post: Making Easy Easier

BindPlane API Reference

The complete reference for this API is documented here:

BindPlane CLI

Lightweight command line utility for interacting with the BindPlane public API.
The CLI is hosted on GitHub, here:

Terrform Provider

Terraform is a popular automation tool and there is a Terraform Provider for deploying monitoring with your managed environment. Details are in the Blog Post: Making Easy Easier


Logging Automation

The CLI and API are written specific to metrics use-case. If you are looking to include Logging support into this, please contact us at: [email protected] and our Product Management team would be happy to discuss your needs.