Setup Requirements


Windows Support

Varnish claims that support for Windows is Not Ready For Production. Therefore, this source has only been tested to work with *nix systems.

Data Collection Setup

The collector interacts with several executables that are packaged with Varnish. The most important executables are:

These executables have the following requirements:

  • Know the locations of each executable
  • Include these executables within the User's $PATH variable

Network Requirements

Remote Connections to Collector

When using a collector where a remote connection over SSH is required, the system where the collector is installed must be able to connect to the Varnish host system over the network. There are two ways to accomplish this:

  1. Add the collector system's information to the known_hosts file on the Varnish system
  2. Set the Strict Key Checking parameter to false when configuring the connection parameters in BindPlane.

Connection Parameters

Working DirectoryThe varnishd working directory (also known as instance name).
Executable DirectoryThe directory where the varnishadm and varnishstat executables are located. If not provided, will default to relying on the executables being in the user's PATH.
Connection TypeLocal collection or collect from a remote host over SSH.
Strict Key CheckingRequire host key to be present in known_hosts file to make remote connection.
Connection TimeoutSSH connection timeout in seconds.