Configure PostgreSQL Log Source with BindPlane


Supported Versions

PostgreSQL versions

  • 12
  • 11
  • 10
  • 9.6


Locate the local PostgreSQL postgresql.conf configuration file.


Finding the postgresql.conf file

This file is typically located in the database data_directory. For more information, see the PostgreSQL documentation..

Modify the postgresql.conf file with the following logging parameters. Changes should go under the ERROR REPORTING AND LOGGING section of the file.

log_destination = 'stderr'
logging_collector = on
log_directory = 'pg_log'		
log_filename = 'postgresql-%Y-%m-%d_%H%M%S.log'
log_truncate_on_rotation = off
log_rotation_age = 1d
log_min_duration_statement = 0
log_connections = on
log_duration = on
log_hostname = on
log_timezone = 'UTC'
log_line_prefix = 't=%t p=%p s=%c l=%l u=%u db=%d r=%r '


PostgreSQL Configuration File

For more details on the log parameters, Click here

After editing the postgresql.conf file, you will need to restart the postgres server:

sudo service postgresql restart


PostgresSQL Log PathUse this field to verify the path to the PostgresSQL log file and adjust default as needed (/var/lib/pgsql//data/pg_log/postgresql-.log).
Start AtChoose whether to start reading from the beginning or end of a file with "end" being the default.


PostgreSQL Log Locations

If no parameters were changed from the above postgresql.conf file, the logs location will be located under the PostgreSQL servers [data_directory]/pg_log.

For more information, Click here.

Log Types



For more information on the advanced configuration capabilities, see our detailed plugin guide here.