Google Cloud Logging

Overview: How do I configure this destination?

In order to configure a Google Cloud Monitoring destination, you will need to create an IAM Service Account with the Logs Writer role. For more information on this process, see IAM Service Account.

Once this is completed, you will need to download the private key json file associated with that service account. The contents of this file should be copied to the Application Credentials field in BindPlane.

Before saving the destination, you will need to perform a test connection, which will verify that the Application Credentials supplied are valid and possess the appropriate monitoring role.


Cloud Resource Manager API

In order to successfully configure log data going to Google Cloud Monitoring, you will need to ensure Cloud Resource Manager API is activated on your GCP Account.

Walkthrough: Creating the Service Account for your GCP Project

GCP IAM Create the Service Account

Use GCP IAM Service Accounts to create a new account.


Give this Service Account the Logs Writer Role


Generated and Download the JSON key.

Make sure to generate this, as this is an optional step with the user creation and can only be downloaded at this step.


Copy JSON file Contents to BindPlane Google Cloud Monitoring Destination


How do I find my log data?

To find your log data in Google Cloud Monitoring, please follow the steps below:

  1. Make sure the correct project is selected
  1. If it is not automatically selected, please click on Logs Viewer
  1. Click on the drop-down menu that is on the filter search bar.
  2. Convert to advanced filter
  1. Enter the text shown in the image below and click on Submit Filter
  1. Congratulations, you will now see all logs being streamed by BindPlane to Google Stackdriver Logging.